I wanted to create a blog that showcased music from different countries.

I don’t believe that language barriers should restrict a person from listening to beautiful melodies or great beats.

I hope to expand not only my musical horizon, but others’ as well.

I’ll try my best to include different genres, but because I mostly listen to hip- hop, pop and instrumentals, you will likely see more of those than anything else.

Please feel free to suggest any artists or songs in my ask box! I’m always looking for a good artist to listen to, especially since the Top 40 in the U.S has gotten a bit stale to me…..

Introduce me to some country music, or grunge, or indie, whatever you’d want to share with the world!

The only thing I ask, is that it’s not like the Beatles, or Beyonce, or any grossly popular artist. Maybe I’ll feature a really great song by a popular singer/ group every so often, but I’d rather expose my followers to music that isn’t attached to a household name.

I hope you enjoy the music!